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Mine Hediyelik Çini Seramik

Traditional Turkish Ceramic Plates

İznik Çini Tabaklar


Traditional Turkish Pottery

Our products are produced with underglaze technique therefore
they do not loose their vividness throughout centuries.They contain 80-85% silica. They can withstand high and low temperatures and moisture. They are not subject to warping.They are antiques for generations to come
Turquart is a successful representative of Turkish ceramic art and Turquart products are claimed to be antiques of the future.For decorative purposes only. They are guaranteed against cracks,discolorations and deformation for the lifetimeThe exceptions to guarantee are as follows: Impacts, dropping from high, exposure to fire and other conditions against the nature of ceramics.





18cm Kuvarslı iznik Çini Tabak 01

18cm Kuvarslı  iznik Çini Tabak 03

18cm Kuvarslı  İznik Çini Tabak 02

These unique, totally hand crafted pieces of art are all prepared using methods and techniques
from the 14th - 16th Century Iznik-Ottoman Empire period.
Inspired by the grace, beauty arid balance of nature, stylized flower motifs, geometrical and symmetrical
patterns are drawn and painted upon a structure which contains a very high concentration (80-85 %)
of ground down quartz over an opaque white undercoating with a seamless overglaze.
The composition of the high quartz ratio is what makes these 'stone ceramics' extremely difficult to
manufacture and hence add to their esthetic value and durability
They will be the antiques of the near future, enjoy with deligh

25cm Kuvarslı  Iznik Çini Tabak 01


25cm Kuvarslı  iznik Çini Tabak 02